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Wild Elements Photography


Authentic. Passionate. Epic.

For the lovers of romantic rendezvous & wild adventures.

Misty mountains, overgrown forests, moss-covered rocks, roaring waterfalls, skylines above the clouds, vibrant sunsets, plateaus of peace, salty cliffs, soaring valleys, rugged coastlines, Tarzan trees, and the vast landscapes that fall in between- all of which provided by the Earth- inspire me to constantly chase the adventures that allow my soul to run wild.  

  I specialize in Adventure Photography, meaning that I spend my time photographing those raw moments that can be captured between the wild and mysterious human being merged into the adventurous landscapes laid out through the Earth. I document the many expressions of love found within ourselves, and the love we cast upon others. I invite you to wander where your feet lead you, dance to where the Earth's music takes you, and never stop pursuing the art of exploration.

I may be the photographer for you if you love to feel the wind blow through your hair, feel the sweet grass and soft mud on the bottoms of your bare feet, experience the refreshing blast of nature's cool water, indulge in the crisp smell of rain, and completely merge yourself in Earth's comforting embrace. I'm for those who love to rebel against tradition.

Crafting Unique Adventures for Those Filled With Wanderlust 

Hey, I'm Ciana...

The Mind Behind Wild Elements

If you happen to be a lover of dreamy romantic rendezvous & love to embark on wild adventures, you're my kind of people! I am SO happy you're here, and I'm ready to start manifesting your perfect adventure. 

I'm a tree-hugging, adventure-seeking, globe-trotting, star-gazing fool and I wouldn't want it any other way. Being an adventure photographer, I get to incorporate all of the things I love with the amazing souls I am so fortunate to work with.

Through the use of the natural world, your untainted and genuine emotion, & the addition of movement + light, I am able to create candid imagery that truly reflects you. I want to capture you in your most peaceful, blissful, and loving state of being.

Your Professional Third-Wheel

"It is our humanity which makes us spiritual, and our spirit which makes us human."

Michael Teal

Capturing the Many Faces of Love

Love isn't confined to just a single meaning; it never has been and never will be. Love encapsulates the world in a multitude of ways, and it's something I adore documenting. Love, to me, is the Earth and the gorgeous landscapes that are spread across the planet. Love is the wondrous creatures we share this world with. Love is radiating the emotional, soulful, physical and spiritual connection we share with another human being.

Getting to be apart of a day that holds so much sacredness and so much vulnerability to someone is incredibly humbling. Through my experiences documenting romantically wild adventures and acts of love, I have gained so much perspective that I hold to be incredibly important. I promise that I'm not only listening, but I am always actively striving to create an experience that will leave you feeling blissful and nostalgic.


May we all seek our peace through adventure, love, culture, and exploration.

How ever you may answer this question, I want to deliver an experience and an adventure that succeeds your expectations; an experience that will leave you feeling like we answered this exact question through the imagery we create together.

What Does Love Mean to You?

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