Hi, I'm Ciana

Nice to meet you!

This is my passion outside of traveling the world. I specialize in adventure photography, which is capturing those truly candid, truly raw moments of the untamed human soul exploring the world around them. Through the use of landscapes, the abundance of wildlife, lots of love, and the curious mind, I create magic in a visual art form that can be cherished for many lives to come.


When I started my photography journey, my curious mind further wondered about Mother Earth and all that she has to offer. I wanted to find a way to express the oneness and connectedness between Mother Earth, and all of her unique inhabitants. Learning about this strange, yet incredibly beautiful planet we live on has only fueled my passion of capturing her in all of her glory.


Culture provided by individuals from all walks of life across the globe are a most vital inspiration to my work. By photographing a moment in time, it returns me to the ancient wisdom that we still hold in great relevance today. It is my sincere hope that everyone is able to find something that resonates with them, or brings them to a state of peace through my work. The earth deserves to be appreciated.


I want to be able to build meaningful relationships with the souls I work with, and the amazing individuals that cross my path! I value each and every client, and so I think it's important to have real, personal interactions that are not automated or lacking in any sense. With this being said, I want to share a little about myself, and the core components behind the foundations Wild Elements Photography is built on to help you understand what we're about!



Some things to know..

I LOVE spending my time doing all things outdoors. Whether it's rock climbing, traveling, hiking, camping, exploring, cliff diving, kayaking, and so much more.

​I am certified in level II Reiki, working my way up to the Reiki Master level.

I love to do all of things with my best pal in the whole universe, Ivy! Ivy is my four-legged, furry, out-going, and enthusiastic husky-lab mix.

I strongly value education, meditation, yoga, and reading.

I whole-heatedly support the plant-over-process movement, meaning eating organically grown foods rather than processed goods that contain a plethora of artificial hormones, ingredients, and chemicals. Because of this, I spend my year gardening and growing foods/herbs relevant to each season!

I'm fluent in nearly 3 languages, and am currently working on a fourth. My goal is to be fluent in at least 7 languages!

On a note unrelated to my previous line, I am a lover of tattoos! Body art is a language that speaks for itself.

So, what are you waiting for???

Future Endeavors

One of my most prioritized focuses as a photographer are natural and wild landscapes, as well as the wildlife Mother Earth has graced us with so dearly, in order to promote sustainable living and conservation. There is nothing that fulfills my soul more than traveling, and experiencing these breath-taking scenes first-hand. My adventures often lead me to explore some of the most unlikely places, allowing me to gather a deeper perspective and understanding of how the Earth works. There's no telling how long any adventure will last, which is why I make it a point to live completely in the present. It is an honor that the earth has allowed me to capture her in her most vulnerable moments.​

  My passions and experiences have encouraged me to pursue a degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, with a minor in photojournalism. I hope to one day work side by side with National Geographic as a freelance photographer, editor, or publisher while continuing to own my business. To work for such a remarkable company, preferably as a photographer, is a dream that I am working hard to one day achieve. Every session, every adventure, every journey brings me one step closer to making my dream a reality.


  I am constantly in the works of planning exciting adventures whenever I have the chance. I am always on the lookout for my next big journey or trip. I plan on devoting my lifetime to visiting every country + continent, and documenting it thoroughly. I want to highlight the landscapes, wildlife, and culture that are often overlooked due to preconceptions or political affairs. Forget vacation resorts and luxury trips, I want to experience the true grit of each and every place found on the planet. 


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