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Let's Talk About Love

The time has come where you and your partner have decided that you want to spend your lives together; living your lives freely, wildly, and lovingly...so now what? The stress accumulated through the wedding planning process can become overwhelming and heavy, especially when finding the right photographer to document your special day. However, I want to alleviate that stress in any way possible!

It's my job to work with you to create an easy and efficient way to book, while understanding EXACTLY what you want captured. I want to make your dreamy, adventurous thoughts/ideas manifest into a real-life, representation of your unique love story. In doing so, I find it crucial to knowing you and partner as well as I can; for I want your photographs to be a direct reflection of who you two are, individually and as a couple!

Ultimately, you and your spouse are working to find the most beautiful way to commit your love to each other. As world culture has taught us, marriage ceremonies are celebrated and preformed in a multitude of ways. It's up to you both to find which one suits your love best. Between adventure elopements and intimate outdoor weddings, (and everything in between), the options are endless!

Let's Capture your Romantic Rendezvous in a way that shares your tale of timeless love...

What is an Adventure Elopement?

An elopement defies the traditional standard of a typical wedding. The epic views, often one of the driving forces behind the want or desire of having an adventure elopement, further enhance the romanticism of the day you and your spouse vow to be together through thick and thin. Couples who share an enthusiasm for adventure, travel, the outdoors, and connection with the earth are bound to thrive in an elopement experience personalized specifically for them.

Elopements symbolize a certain freedom of creating your own epic day to fit literally any desire you may have for your wedding day! When you choose to elope, you not only get to choose a jaw-dropping, scenic location to express your eternal love, but you get to do things how you want without the societal expectations regarding traditional weddings. It is up to you if your day will consist of any outdoor activity, whether it be rock climbing, cave diving, sky-diving, kayaking, hiking, etc. It is up to you if you will share the day with just your hunny, or if you share it with a small group of friends and family. It is up to you if you will include your furry (or not furry) pets! You get to choose the landscapes accompanying you. You get to choose your schedule. Despite the stigma surrounding elopements in the past, they mean so much more today. You get to choose how simple or complex your wondrous day is, and you get to decide the pace of it all!

Your elopement is strictly about you, and celebrating the timeless love you share with your partner. I encourage you to ditch tradition, and personalize your wedding day through the means of an elopement. An experience that is totally different, and wildly freeing. Your ever so romantic, adventurous rendezvous is awaiting! Want to know more? Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!


"Love is meant to be an adventure"

Gordon B. Hinckley


What is an Intimate Wedding?

Despite what one may tell you, an intimate wedding is just as meaningful and beautiful as an adventure or destination elopement! I also want to remind you that the word "tradition" can mean different things to different people, it does not have to fit one specific ideology or criteria.

Outdoor intimate weddings are usually trademarked by a celebration shared among family and friends, for the support of loved ones often enriches the spread of love on your special day. These types of weddings give you and your partner the opportunity to soak up the warmth of the natural world, while also giving you the option to stay local so that your guests are able to attend. It's important to note that intimate outdoor weddings do not have to remain local by any means, in fact, they can be held anywhere in the world!


By having an intimate outdoor wedding, couples are able to include important traditions, some of which have been passed down throughout generations! Outdoor enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards this kind of wedding because it gives them the desired scenery they may crave, without what some may consider the extra hassle of traveling and further coordinating. However, it may be the complete opposite for you! All outdoor weddings are unique in their own way due to the customization provided by the imaginative and creative perspectives of the bride and groom.

Do you want a more traditional wedding ceremony that also incorporates the great outdoors? Do you want a wedding that is intimate, yet shared with close friends and family? If so, let's talk and get planning!


A Few Things to Remember...

I think we can all recognize the feeling of disappointment when we spot litter when wandering through our favorite scenic areas. Our world is plagued daily with harmful and destructive variations of pollution, so it is vital that we do our part in protecting the Earth + all of the surrounding environments.

It's super important that you consider and prepare for EVERY aspect of your elopement or wedding day. We want this heartfelt day to be full of love, adventure, romance, and fun! After all, you've been planning for this occasion for so long and it's time for you to enjoy it.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind:

+Bring clothing + gear necessary for your day! This includes preparing for certain weather conditions, bringing permits if required, and bringing additional supplies you may need for your romantic excursion and the activities that accompany it!

+Be conscious about what you bring with you for the duration of your adventure. It is crucial that you leave with ANY and ALL belongings you initially brought with you! We are striving for minimal impact on surrounding environments.

+Just be YOU! This day is all about the both of you celebrating and honoring all of the love you have for each other. The authentic you is the beautiful (or handsome ;) ) you!


Fill out the Contact Form 

Once I have received your form, I will promptly send you a questionnaire to get to know you, and the vision you have for your special day. This is when we dive right into the juicy details.


Create a Pricing Plan

Together, we will work to explore and acknowledge every detail of your wedding day to make sure we capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots! We will create a pricing plan that fits your needs, and effectively covers everything you and your partner want. Once you sign your contract and put your deposit down, we're rollin'!


Capturing Your Special Day! 

After all your meticulous planning, your wedding day has FINALLY arrived! It's time for me to do my part, and document all of the love and happiness that blossoms on this very day. When the day has come to an end, that's when the editing process starts. 


Pricing & Packages

Please note that every single elopement and wedding package available for purchase includes:

  • High-resolution, online gallery of your special day. These images can be viewed, shared and printed by you anytime.

  • A customized wedding album.

  • Planning and logistics assistance.

  • A flash drive containing all of your images as backup.

  • Your choice of an 11 x 14" canvas OR an 11 x 14" mounted print.

  • Photographer travel fees are already included in the initial purchase.

  • A complimentary gift sent directly to you for choosing to book with me! You are so appreciated.

  • Unlimited contact with me throughout the entire time from the day you book to your actual wedding day, via email, text, call, video chatting, etc.

Package options are not limited to the specifics mentioned below in each category. Please feel free to ask about the other options available to you, and about the all-inclusive packages for your wedding day needs!


U.S. Adventure Elopements

This is for anyone who is eloping ANYWHERE in the United States, including ALL U.S. territories.

Elopement Package Options:

-Coverage ranging from 4-10 hours

-Announcement cards or "We've Eloped" cards

-Multi-day coverage.

-Personalized styling.

-Access to online location guide & location recommendations.

-Multiple locations.

-A customized timeline of your day.

-Discounted or complimentary engagement session.

-Bouquet, boutonnière, and flower arrangements.

Starting at $ 2,300

Destination Adventure Elopements

This is for anyone who is eloping ANYWHERE in the entire world!

Elopement Package Options:

-Coverage ranging 8+ hours.


-Announcement cards or "We've Eloped" cards.


-Multi-day coverage.


-Personalized styling.

-Access to online location guide & location recommendations.


-Multiple locations.-A customized timeline of your day.

-"Getting Ready" Photos

-Bouquet, boutonnière, and flower arrangements.


-Pre-Elopement Portraits (The Day Before!)

Starting at $ 4,600

Outdoor Intimate Wedding

This is for anyone who wants to share their romantic day ANYWHERE in the world with friends + family.

Outdoor Wedding Package Options:

-Complimentary bridal session.


-40% discount on an engagement session.


-"Save the Date" invitations.


-Personalized styling.


-Coverage ranging from 4-10 hours.


-Outdoor Venue Recommendations.


-Bouquet and boutonnière arrangements.


-Vendor Recommendations.

Starting at $ 1,300