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For photographers, creatives, and clients.

Hi, friends! Welcome to my client and rental closet, I am absolutely stoked that you're here.

I started this closet out of my firm belief in COMMUNITY over COMPETITION. I wanted to manifest something that fostered natural connection between not only my clients, but fellow photographers and creatives in this artistic industry. I wanted a way to give back - a way to give back to all of the wonderful humans who've helped me build my little business from the ground up. By creating this closet, I can give back in a really big way.

This closet is designed for everyone, clients, photographers, creatives, etc. Here's how:

  • Clients - When you book with me, you will have access to the entirety of the collection I've gathered. I want the individuals who wear my pieces or use my props to feel a strong sense of empowerment, I want them to radiate their inner-goddess energy. I want them to feel like the most authentic version of themselves through their chosen forms of expression, emotionally, visually, and physically. I also understand that there are financial aspects that become frustrating when trying to find the material things that make you feel like you, and I want to help eliminate that stress through this closet.

  • Photographers & Creative Community - Almost everything in this collection is available for you to rent. I've spent months accumulating items that are perfect for crafting those enchanting, bohemian visions burst to life. Whether you are hosting a styled shoot, a content day, a shoot out, workshop, etc., you have this wondrous resource right under your fingertips.  I love helping others cultivate the things that speak to their soul, I love watching my colleagues grow into themselves, and I love watching someone's success bloom.