Why You Should Consider Having an Adventurous Destination Elopement; For the Wanderlust Lovers

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Imagine this - you are with the love of your life, standing on top of Ireland's rugged coastline, embracing the wild winds and drowning in the glorious sounds of the sea below you. Or maybe the two of you are in the vibrant terrain of Vietnam, absorbing all of the warmth of the jungle and island energies, accompanied by the unique Vietnamese culture. Or picture this, you and your lover are hiking through the vast mountains of Colorado, preparing for the beaming light show the sky is about to present as the sun begins to fall in preparation for its rise the following morning. Or maybe, both of you are riding on horseback through the bold, black sand beaches of Iceland, bonding with one of the world's most mystical beings, Icelandic horses, all while breathing in the crispness of the air.

You may be thinking that these journeys are the ones you only hear about in fairy tales, or read in fictional romance novels; however, I'm here to tell you that is not the case and that you have the powerful ability to manifest this earthly magic into your reality.

As an adventure photographer, it is my job to help you cultivate and craft the romantic rendezvous and the wild adventures that you've been envisioning for so, so long. In order to do that, I feel as if I need to offer some perspective into why this is the most ideal commitment and expression of love, (at least in my opinion), that you and your significant other can experience.

For those of you who aren't quite sure what an elopement is, or for those of you who are still carrying those outdated generalizations surrounding elopements, I'd like to offer you some valuable insight into what elopements are, and how they've evolved into something so extraordinary.

Have you ever read or played one of those, "choose your own adventure" books or games? Well, an elopement is quite similar to this very concept.

An elopement defies traditional standards of a typical wedding, in a plethora of very big, very adventurous ways. The epic views, often one of the driving forces behind the want or desire of having an adventurous destination elopement, further enhance the romanticism of the day you and your spouse vow to be together through the end of time. Couples who share an enthusiasm for adventure, travel, the outdoors, and connection with the earth are bound to thrive in an elopement experience personalized specifically for them.

Elopements symbolize a certain freedom of creating your own epic day to fit literally any criteria you may have for your wedding day. When you choose to elope, you not only get to choose a jaw-dropping, scenic location to express your eternal love, but you get to do things how you want without the weight of societal expectations, and the overwhelming expectations regarding traditional weddings. It is up to you if your day will consist of any outdoor activity, whether it be rock climbing, camping, star-gazing, cave diving, sky-diving, kayaking, hiking, etc. It is up to you if you will share the day with just your partner, or if you share it with a small group of friends and/or family. It is up to you if you will include your furry (or not furry) companions. You get to choose the landscapes accompanying your most vulnerable moments. You get to choose and create the timeline of how your adventure flows. Despite the stigma surrounding elopements in the past, they mean so much more today. An elopement isn't a "shotgun" wedding, or a shameful experience that its been deemed to be in previous decades. You get to choose how simple or complex your wondrous excursion is, and you get to decide the details of it all.

When you look back on this day, you should look back and feel positively nostalgic of one of your greatest escapades in this lifetime.

Your wedding is about you and your partner, celebrating your bountiful love. and all of the quirks that come with it. Too often, people become wrapped up in the idea that their wedding day is a source of elegant entertainment, and a pedestal that invites the expectations of others to outweigh those of the bride and groom - this should simply never be the case. An elopement not only accentuates the authenticity of your love, but it also ensures that these negative outcomes do not become a trademark of your wedding day.

Your elopement is strictly about you, and celebrating the timeless love you share with your partner. I encourage you to ditch tradition, and personalize your wedding day through the means of an elopement. An experience that is totally different, and wildly freeing. Your ever so romantic, adventurous rendezvous is awaiting.

Cut the guest list. Escape somewhere that fills your soul with peace and contentment. Break tradition. Align your stars. Celebrate your love differently. Manifest your magic. Be unapologetically true to your self, and your relationship. Choose to adventure, always.

Want to know more? Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out, I've been waiting to connect with you, (you can do that here). Let's work together to create a worth-while, organic experience to last you for many lives to come.