Ian & Morgan's Lake-Side Elopement; Golden-Hour Romance; Central Pennsylvania

Wow, I mean just...wow.

Ian + Morgan's golden-hour elopement was perfect, in every facet of the word.

We had to reschedule this day four separate times, ad with each reschedule grew more frustration combined with a sense of eagerness. These two showed an intense amount of resilience - which is so awe-inspiring on an immensity of levels.

When the stars align, they execute their magic in the most brilliant of ways.

This elopement was one of those instances where our manifestations proved to be successful, and that setting your intentions is crazily powerful. There are so many things to love about love, and this is one of them - love always prevails even in the most trying of times.

These two lovebirds embraced these lands beautifully. They are an icon to all of those who stray from tradition, not only were they rocking some unique wedding apparel, but they chose a romantic rendezvous to trademark their never-ending love story. They area true example of what it means to express your love in the ways that represent you.

I love my job, I I love the challenges, and I love the lessons. It's the moments like these that make it that much more epic.