Loni + Terra Farms & Field; York County, PA; Flower Farmer & Florist

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

You see that really amazing woman up there?! That's Loni, the incredible flower farmer, florist, and entrepreneur featured in this post. Loni owns and maintains one of my favorite locally owned, eco-friendly, small businesses on the entire East Coast! Loni, and her earthy manifestations have been on my bucket list to photograph and feature for a while now. I am beyond stoked to be finally sharing this experience with you all, for it is certainly near and dear to my heart.

If I told you that these extraordinarily vibrant fields of bursting, beautiful flowers were once soy bean fields, would you believe me? Well, it's true and was only 3 years ago that soy beans covered all of this space! That is until Loni, and her husband Andy, bought this hidden piece of paradise and turned it into something far more mystical; a place called Terra Farms. Terra Farms is a place where magic unfolds on a daily basis, and dreams become a most relevant reality.

During my little adventure here, I spent the day picking Loni's brain about the true origins of Terra Farms, and all of ins and outs of running this gorgeous farm. Sustainable living and sustainable agriculture are two things I hold to a level of utmost importance, so it was wildly pleasant to collaborate with a local farmer who actively practices these very principles in everything they do. Loni is someone who grasps the vitality of bonding with, and cultivating our planet safely, while also recognizing the importance of giving back to the Earth in a way that provides for all of Mother Nature's unique inhabitants. Loni and her husband treat these lands with the kindness, respect, and the nurturing they deserve for all that they do each season.

In fact, their slogan at Terra Farms is "Grown, Not Flown". I think this little catch phrase, along with their logo (pictured down below), speaks absolute volumes about what they do at the farm, and their overall mission.

Terra Farms offers a unique and timeless experience for everyone. I can assure you that when you leave Terra Farms, you'll be leaving with memories and a new experience that will last for a lifetime. So what are some of the things that you can do or purchase at the farm?

- Terra Farms is perhaps best known for their miraculous "U-Pick" services. On designated days throughout the summer and early fall, you are able to come to the farm and pick your own bucket of stunning, freshly-cut flowers, (keep in mind there are two sizes you can choose from).

- Loni hosts a variety of super fun and crafty events throughout the year that you can attend. Some of these events include, but are not limited to, flower crown workshops, yoga in the field, foraging classes, floral arrangement workshops, art workshops, etc.

- If you are a photographer/creative, you are able to host mini-sessions in the fields upon request, and reserve appointments to photograph clients throughout Loni and Andy's jaw-dropping property.

- One of the coolest things about Terra Farms is that you can get married among the fields if you so desire! Talk about the epitome of a dreamy, fairy-tale like ceremony.

- If you're not into the idea of roaming through the fields and cutting your own flowers, Loni maintains a self-serve stand that she fills regularly with pre-made bouquets available for purchase. You can also find pre-cut, bundled firewood at the self-serve stand, too. She also makes custom bouquets and flower arrangements for weddings, engagements, photoshoots, parties, etc. She can cater to whatever you're envisioning. The possibilities are endless!

- Loni and her family also raise a variety of animals! As of now, they sell farm fresh eggs by the dozen, but will be adding more animal products to their collection of items available to purchase. Stay up to date with Terra Farms to see when those will be added!

You will not only create, but you will be apart of moments here that you will find yourself cherishing until the end of time.

When I initially stumbled on to Terra Farms, I immediately found myself enthralled in their website. As I was reading their "About" page, I read two things that resonated with me deeply, one of them being:

"We come from the land...and we end up right back in it."

There is a powerful and insanely deep truth to this line, and I think they said it perfectly. I also think that they translate this same idea into their day to day life and work flawlessly.

The other thing that really confirmed that I wanted to get to know Loni and Terra Farms is when I read their mission statement:

  • Leave the land better than we found it.

  • Find unique ways to make folks smile.

  • Grow a happy family.

  • And grow beautiful flowers that light up the world.

I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity, and I am even more grateful to be supporting a small business that is accomplishing such wonderful things for the community, and for the planet. A huge, huge thank you to Loni for having me on this adventure and sharing a tremendous part of her story with me. I cannot wait to see the future endeavors of Terra Farms unfold.

All of the photographs that were taken this day represent so much love, and shed light on a reality that many are not aware of when it comes to putting in the true effort behind living from the land in an environmentally friendly way. They represent why it is totally necessary to live in a sustainable fashion. They reiterate how vital minimal impact is. They reinforce the idea that in order to keep a bountiful Earth, we must do better and do more to protect our literal lifeforce.

I encourage you to follow along on Terra Farms' journey. Down below, I've provided the links to their website, and social medias, and the link to view the full album from this adventure!

Website: https://www.terrafarmsandfield.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terrafarmsandfield/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Terra-Farms/