Rachel Sorensen; Fellow Adventure Photographer; Collaboration on the Appalachian Trail

Featured in the gallery down below is none other than the beautiful, Rachel Sorensen! Just a few weeks ago, we met up to manifest some Appalachian magic. It as my first time meeting Rachel in person, and it felt like we had been friends for years! Her energy is so welcoming, you feel comfortable immediately. We had been planning this excursion for a brief time beforehand, so when the day came to put our plan into action, it was unbelievably amazing.

Rachel is a fellow adventure photographer, who's work is quite impressive. Rachel is currently based out of Frederick, Maryland, but happily welcomes travel. She also recognizes the importance of unleashing the untamed, adventurous side of your soul, which is also responsible for our immediate connection. While the portion of the Appalachian Trail we hiked was merely small portion, we were determined to conjure up some purely raw, earthy art.

Enjoy these epic frames of this beautiful woman embodying the art of exploration. My heart is so full every time I look through Rachel's Gallery. Rachel also took some crazy cool photos of my partner and I, so be sure to check those out on her social medias! If you want to follow Rachel's journey, and/or connect with her, you can do so through the links down below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rsorensenphotography/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rsorensenphotography/

Website: https://rsorensenphotography.co

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