Taylor + Logan's Fall Adventure; Hidden Jungle-Like Oasis; East Coast Location Gem

There will always be a lack of words when I get to share human encounters like these, for there are never any words that can adequately demonstrate the combination that arises when romanticism, adventure, and soul clash together.

Meet Taylor and Logan; two lovestruck humans rolling through life on the intentions of all of good things, nostalgic wisdoms, and the adrenaline of pursuing the art of exploration.

These moments in time hold so many energies of love, light, and connection. You can feel and hear Taylor + Logan's presence so boldly, and so clearly through these frames, even if you have never met them. It's the moments in time like these that inspire me every single day to continue doing what I love, really gaining true insight into the human experience, and creating connections and friendships like these along the way.

It is seriously a dream; to not only meet some of the coolest individuals on the planet, but getting to incorporate my two loves of travel and adventure in the process. Whatever you decide to pursue in this lifetime, pursue it with a passion and a kindness so fierce that you'll remember it in the next life.

Indulge in the fruits of life, with gratitude and wonder. You will never regret it.